Katie Gjelten, LCSW

Katie can work with patients of all ages; she is drawn to working with adolescents and adults. She has over a decade of experience with teens and understands the unique challenges of each stage of adolescent development. She will help you and your teenager understand what challenges are currently not being successfully navigated as she creates an action plan to ensure these challenges will be met in the future.

As a mother of two she also understands the challenges both children and parents face in these complicated times. She will help you understand your adolescents’s behavior in a way that allows you to help them grow into their full potential.


Cost of Services

In nearly all cases the reimbursement rate for services is set by our contract with specific insurance providers. In the case of cash pay clients we charge $150 for therapy sessions, $350 for an intake with our nurse practitioner and $95 for a medication check. We work with patients on their copays.

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