My Style of Therapy

I am primarily a cognitive therapist. Cognitive therapists focus on disordered patterns of thought and behavior. We use the term, or label disordered primarily for billing purposes but also to identify behaviors that do not service their intended purpose. Most of us want to be connected to others, this is rooted in the fact that as infants we had no possibility of survival apart from our ability to motivate a care giver to meet our every need from emotional comfort to actual survival needs of sustenance and shelter.


We initially motivate our caregivers by inflicting pain on them, we cry. In optimal circumstances we quickly learn that we can also get our needs met by using positive strategies such as smiling and laughing. No matter what our early environment was, we were consumed with our need to motivate others to care for us. These motivation strategies need to change and grow as we change and grow; cognitive therapists evaluate and advise us in this process.

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